Melissa & Doug Terrific Twenty List and Giveaway

melissa and douge terrific twenty

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Anybody’s who has been to my house knows that I love Melissa & Doug. This company makes awesome toys and accessories for kids of all ages. We have a bunch of their art supplies, puzzles and other toys, and the Bit has one of their awesome Trunki suitcases, which we’ve yet to take on a trip but she loves packing up to “go to the park” or “go to the beach,” and she likes riding on it, too. melissa and douge terrific twenty

Every year Melissa & Doug puts out a Terrific Twenty list of the top toys they think your kids will want for the holidays, and this year’s list has just been released. It’s got some great stuff on it, including the Trunki, an adorable stuffed lion, princess stickers, fairy stamps and some cool trucks, trains and toys for littler kids, too.

I mention all this because Melissa & Doug is offering fans a chance to win each of these great toys, starting today and for the next 20 days. Check it out on their Facebook page and enter to win the ones you like.

I’m also sharing this with you because Melissa & Doug is such a great partner with bloggers, they’re allowing me to give away one of the toys on this list (and keep one to review as well). There’s so much cool stuff on this list I can’t even decide what to pick!

So whether you’re like some of my friends who are basically done Christmas shopping already (why are we friends again?), or you’re just starting to think about it or haven’t even given it a thought yet, check out this gift list and stay tuned for a chance for something great to put under your tree.

(Disclosure: Melissa & Doug asked me to let you know about the list and their giveaway in exchange for a product for me to keep and one to give away on the blog. But I really do love them. Seriously, come to my house and you’ll see.)

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