Easy Rainbow Gift Tags

rainbow gift tag

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Sometimes it’s hard being a crafty mama. You expect to be able to make lots of cute stuff for any occasion, but then the occasion comes and you don’t have time to perfectly hand craft every last detail. Or really any details.

So it was with the girl’s birthday this year. Coming just a week after mine (and with Labor Day in between) it’s already a busy time that for some reason felt even more frantic than normal this year (I’m pretty sure that’s just me right now).

She actually made it really easy on me. A rainbow theme, same as last year, with a store cake for her school party and white cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles for her home party.

name bunting
I love this bunting. I need to hang it up in her room.

So I pulled out the plates and napkins left over from last year, got out her name bunting I made for her second birthday, hung it on the back deck where most of the partying would be happening and set my mind to the problem of the goody bags.

Because you see, the problem with having the same theme — and mostly the same party guests — two years running is that you can’t put the same stuff in the goody bags two years in a row.

I mean, I’m sure you could. The kids wouldn’t know the difference.

But I would. See, crafty mama problems.

So, instead of last year’s Skittles, rainbow colored suckers, bubble solution and blow-up balls (I think; I don’t even remember what all was in there) this year I went with art supplies for drawing or painting your own rainbow, as well as multicolored goldfish crackers. (The kids at school also got some of those punching bag kind of balls.)

I wanted to make them a little more interesting, and slightly crafty, so I made little gift tags to put on the bags that have rainbows on them, of course.

This is super easy and would be cute for birthdays even without a rainbow theme.

What You’ll Need

rainbow gift tag
The colored in rainbow.
  • printable rainbow (I used this one from Big Activities, cropped, shrunk and flipped over)
  • cardstock and printer
  • scissors
  • rainbow-colored colored pencils
  • glue or other adhesive (I used runner tape that’s made for scrapbooking)
  • goody bags

What You’ll Dorainbow printables

  1. Decide what size you want your tags and resize the image in your photo processing program. Print out multiple copies on cardstock (I copy-pasted the image into a Word document multiple times to fill a page).
  2. Cut out the rainbow shape.
  3. Color the rainbow. Mine only has six stripes, so I left out indigo. If you don’t know the order, allow this to get stuck in your head as it was in mine as I colored.
  4. Write a child’s name in the cloud. I used gold pencil for that. rainbow gift tag
  5. Run some adhesive on the back and stick to the bag.
  6. Repeat until you’ve got everyone covered.

Cute, right? Now, if only I’d remembered to hand out the goody bags at her home party…

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