Painting on Cardboard {Art Experiments}

painting cardboard

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For her birthday, the girl got a cool set of dinosaurs to paint. We spent the morning after her party painting them (she let me do one; isn’t that sweet?) and kept coming back to the paint through the day.

painted dinosaurs
Her dino is on the left; mine is on the right.

She painted some on paper, but she really wanted to paint something else that wasn’t paper.

I cannot take enough pictures of my girl painting. Love!

So I grabbed some cardboard and let her go to town. painting cardboard

She has lately been interested in covering the whole piece of paper (or cardboard), which I love. I thought it would be fun to see if we could make a print with it, but the paint dried really fast and didn’t leave much of a mark. printing with cardboard

Still, it was a lot of fun for her to use a different medium to paint on.

So much so that she found a piece of paperboard on the floor a couple of days later and wanted to paint it, too. Proof that you should never throw away anything when you have a little artist in your house.

painting trash
This was the part you pull off to open a box of plastic bags.

What has your little one been making lately? I’d love to hear about it!

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