Fun Fall Felt Projects for Kids

felt turkey

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The other weekend I was working on a project that became the No Sew Fall Leaf Garland, which you can see over at Sugar Bee Crafts. As you might imagine from the name, it involves leaf shapes, and as you might imagine from the title of this post those leaves are felt.

I decided to cut them out in the playroom while the girl was watching TV. (To make them, I literally traced leaves we found on our leaf hunt before we painted leaves.) She thought they looked like fun and asked if she could use some in a collage.

“Sure,” I said, because I don’t want to deny her creativity when it’s not destructive, and I don’t really want to set up certain supplies being “mine.”

I slipped away to do something on the computer and when I came back she had taken all the leaves and done this.

felt leaf pile
The girl’s leaf pile.

“I made a leaf pile,” she said proudly.

She sure did.

I made more leaves for my project and all was well.

Felt Board Turkey

felt turkey
The girl’s felt turkey is super cute!

Last night I was cruising Pinterest as I often do when waiting for the girl to fall asleep, and I saw a pin about a felt turkey for the felt board. I didn’t pin it because I got up and made it a few minutes later.

Basically all you do is cut out a circle in brown felt for the body, make little eyes (the one I saw had googly eyes glued onto the felt; I just used white circles, which are admittedly a little creepy), an orange felt triangle for the nose and a random red shape for the red hanging down part of a turkey.

Then cut out feather shapes in various colors. I did a lot more than she used so far, but I wanted to share the turkey she made. No in-progress photos because she demanded turkey feet, which I was cutting out while she was constructing the rest.

I actually made supplies enough for three turkeys, and I imagine this is one we’ll get back to before the long weekend is over.

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, or at least a really good Thursday, wherever you are!

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