Toddler Busy Bag Swap, Part Five

cupcake toddler busy bag

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We’ve now reached the lightning round, because most of these busy bag ideas are super fast, easy and don’t require attribution or even much explanation. To see all the previous busy bag swap ideas posts, check out the links at the bottom of this post.

Make Cupcakes

cupcake toddler busy bag
These yummy cupcakes are also fun to play with.

These really cute little craft foam cupcakes are from Engaging Toddler Activities. The “paper” part of the cake the the “cherry” on top are not removable, but the “icing” part is and they’re all interchangeable to make your cupcakes different colors. The original instructions are to use magnets, but I’ll bet you could use sticky-backed Velcro instead to make it lighter for travel and a little safer for younger kids.

Decorate a Cake

cake busy bag
Put the gel pieces together to make a cake.

These are little gel pieces that are like frosting you can use to build a birthday cake. This one is not really for toddlers, but for older kids (the mom who put it together said 5 and up). I am not sure where the pieces came from.

Counting Beads

bead counting busy bag
Beads of different shapes and sizes are fun to count.

This selection of buttons of different sizes and shapes and the little containers all came from the beading section at a local craft store. Kids can count the buttons and put them in the appropriately numbered section of the box.

Counting Rings

counting things busy bag
With simple number cards you can count anything small.

This one is really quick and easy. Write letters and numbers on pieces of paper (or index cards). Make little rings out of pipe cleaners. Have the child count out the number of rings for the number on the card. And really you could count anything, from the beads from the previous bag to buttons, pompoms, craft sticks or whatever you have on hand.


sticker busy bag
Stickers make just about any kid happy.

Here’s another one you can probably make from things in your house. It’s just a couple of pages of stickers and a festive napkin. Put the stickers on the napkin. Plain paper or a printable coloring book page would probably work for this, too.

So that’s it: 25 great ideas for toddler activities should you be planning a busy bag swap or simply wanting to make some for yourself and your kiddo to play with. Do you have other busy bag ideas you love? I’d be thrilled to hear them. My girl has played with hers every day this week, so the more the merrier!

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  1. Thanks, Steph! We got some great ideas at our swap, and doing these roundups just makes me want to swap some more!

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