Simple Embroidery Project: Drawing on Fabric

Try an easy embroidery project: draw on fabric and embellish it

I needed a simple embroidery project to share with my needle arts classes, so I decide to try drawing on fabric and them stitching and embellishing on top. The inspiration for this idea came from Childhood 101, where she had her daughter draw on burlap and then sew sequins on top. I want to give […]

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Bottle Cap Bead Magnets

Easy craft bottle cap magnets

We regularly have people over on Sunday nights, and this past Sunday I noticed a bottle cap on the counter and decided I wanted to use it in some kind of craft. It also happens that not too long ago (when I taught sewing at the girl’s school) I had cleaned out some of my […]

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Toddler Busy Bag Swap, Part Five

cupcake toddler busy bag

We’ve now reached the lightning round, because most of these busy bag ideas are super fast, easy and don’t require attribution or even much explanation. To see all the previous busy bag swap ideas posts, check out the links at the bottom of this post. Make Cupcakes These really cute little craft foam cupcakes are […]

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