Bottle Cap Bead Magnets

Easy craft bottle cap magnets

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We regularly have people over on Sunday nights, and this past Sunday I noticed a bottle cap on the counter and decided I wanted to use it in some kind of craft.

It also happens that not too long ago (when I taught sewing at the girl’s school) I had cleaned out some of my beads and was thinking about something to do with some of the random leftovers in the bottom of my bead box, so the bottle caps and bead soup craft was born. Easy craft bottle cap magnets

Bottle Cap Bead Magnets

All you need for this craft is a bottle cap or two, some random beads from your stash (I mostly used colorful seed beads, but there are some others mixed in, too), glue and magnets.

I used Mod Podge, but any glue that dries clear should work. bottle cap glue

Fill the bottle cap with glue, not quite to the top. beads in bottle cap

Add beads. Press them gently into the glue and cover as much as you want.

Let it dry. This will take a long time. There’s a lot of glue in there.

As it dries, turn the bottle cap upside down. You can stick those beads that fall out back on or not as you like.

Because bottle caps are magnetic, all you have to do is stick the magnet to one side and then use it like any other. bottle cap magnet with beads

I put mine on the metal paper holder that’s right next to my desk. So cute and colorful.

I’m sure you could use other small things if you don’t happen to have random bits of beads in your house. Though I can’t imagine living in such a place.

Do you ever craft with bottle caps? I’d love to see your creations. Tag me online with #ourdailycraft.

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