How to Decoupage a Box with Old Maps

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It’s Iron Craft time again, and this week we were asked to do something with the letter D. I’m cheating just a little bit because I already had this made but hadn’t yet blogged about it, but it’s the best I can do this week.

You may have noticed in my post about the DIY Dragon Eggs that the dragon had a box for the eggs to go in. This was a last-minute addition to the plan (which was all pretty last minute, since I started working on it the Friday before Easter) because we happened to have the perfect box for such a thing. decoupage a box with maps

But this kind of a box would be great for storing all sorts of things. Line the inside with acid-free paper and you’ve got a great place for trip memorabilia, or keep kid-related keepsakes in one. Or whatever else you want.

You can of course use paper other than old maps, too, but doesn’t this look cool? Read on to learn how to decoupage a box; it’s really easy!

What You’ll Need decoupage box

  • a box; mine is wooden with a hinged top and housed a gift I gave husband for Christmas, but you can use a cardboard box as well
  • maps (mine are from an old atlas)
  • decoupage glue (I used Mod Podge Antique Matte just for fun)
  • foam or other brush
  • pencil and scissors
  • embellishments
  • hot glue

What You’ll Do

Trace around the sides of the box and cut out pieces of map to fit. I left the torn edges where I ripped the maps out of the book, but you can make them all straight if you’d rather. cut out maps

Use decoupage glue to glue the map to the box.

When dry, decoupage over the top. I used two layers on top, drying in between. decoupage box embellishments

Add embellishments as desired when dry. I used box corners and a word band that says “salvaged.” Both are from the Tim Holtz idea-ology collection, and all were attached with hot glue. I also used a bit of the Viva Decor Inka-Gold metal gloss paint that I used on the eggs on the top of the box and the corners to give a little more of an aged look. decoupaged box

I will probably keep adding ephemera as time goes on, but I really like the look of this box so far.

Have you decoupaged before? I’d love to hear about your experiences.


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