Upcycled Kitchen Rags from Cloth Napkins

upcycle old napkins into kitchen rags

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This week’s Iron Craft challenge was to make something that had to do with the letter g, whether in terms of material, color or technique.

I immediately thought of green, because it’s my favorite color, but then I went to the other meaning of green, as in ecologically sound.old napkins

We have been using cloth napkins for years, and some of them have gotten pretty ratty. We use those ugly ones as rags, but because everything gets washed together they sometimes end up back in the napkin drawer.

I fixed that in about five minutes.

Making Upcycled Kitchen Rags

upcycle old napkins into kitchen rags
All I did was to grab my pinking shears and cut off the old seams.

Now the rag napkins are a different size (and shape, let’s be honest, because I wasn’t too careful with the cutting) and have a different edging that even the girl could distinguish as not being a normal napkin.upcycled napkin rags

One of them is even green.

I also cut one in half and sewed the pieces on top of each other to make a thicker rag and to make this feel more like crafting.sewn napkin rag

Either way, this is a great use for old napkins, torn-up towels and stained T-shirts that you want to convert into rags.

Check out the Iron Craft challenge and all sorts of other crafty goodness over at Just Crafty Enough.

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