Sewing Gifts to Make

Sew an infinity scarf for yourself, your friends, your kids and #givewarmth.

After sharing some of my knit gifts to make recently I thought I would share some sewing gifts to make as well. It just feels like a year when it would be great to make more gifts, and there are plenty of things you can sew that are easy to make (even in batches if […]

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Gifts for Sewists

After sharing my gift ideas for knitters and crocheters, I thought it would be fun to share some gifts for sewists as well. I don’t have as many accessories for sewing, but there are definitely some things I have that make my life easier (and other things that would if I had them!) Stocking Stuffer […]

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Upcycled Pillowcase Projects

It seems like we have a lot of old pillowcases (and pillows, but that’s another story) hanging around the house, and they’re a great source of fabric for upcycled pillowcase projects. Here are some ways that I have used pillowcases in different ways that you can try if you find yourself with pillowcases for sheet […]

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How to Batch Sew Sewing Projects

I’m working on a project right now where I’m making several of the same thing, so it seemed high time to share with you some tips on how to batch sew sewing projects. Why Batch Sew? There are some sewists who probably never have the need to batch sew. You only make one thing at […]

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How to Sew Sequins

A few years ago when flip sequins were all the rage among tweens, I bought a length of flip sequin fabric and never used it because I had no idea how to sew sequins. I was sure they would totally mess up my scissors, my sewing machine, my life. But I finally decided I needed […]

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