Make a Place for Ideas

how to make a place for ideas

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I was going through a basket of stuff over the weekend, that was supposed to be a place to keep important things and ended up being a place where everything I didn’t want on my desk ended up.

Amid six months of knitting magazines, bank statements and random stuff from school, there were notes. ideas that need a home


Charts for knitting patterns, lists of things I wanted to make and write about and do.

A children’s book I started writing when the girl was maybe a year old and never finished.

Lots of ideas.

Written on index cards, note cards, the backs of business cards, little pieces of paper.

They needed a better place to be collected. A more fun place. A place I might actually use and look at from time to time. how to make a place for ideas

How to Make a Place for Ideas

Your place for ideas might be a notebook if you’re more organized than I am, or even a file in Evernote (I have those, too). But it’s good to have a folder, a tray, somewhere for those little bits of paper to go so you can look through them when you need an idea or remember you thought of something before that you really want to explore now.

In the same basket I happened to find this little green plastic file. file for ideas

The funny thing is, I think I originally bought it to hold ideas or writing prompts.

It was empty.

I could have just dumped everything in there and called it a day, but that wouldn’t be very creative, would it?

So I decorated the back with things I had lying around. decorated idea file

I started with some wrapping paper left over from wrapping the girl’s Valentine’s Day present. Then I added a bit of scrapbook paper, part of a takeout coffee cup sleeve (that’s my favorite bit; love the texture!) and another piece of paper with a giant 29, which happens to be the number of my birthday.

I’ll probably add more stuff and decorate the other side at some point, too, but this is not bad for a day the girl was home sick from school.

Do you have a place to collect ideas? I’d love to see it, or to see what this challenge inspires you to pull together. Tag me on Instagram with #ourdailycraft.

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