Make Something with Old Business Cards

Have old business cards lying around? Make something with them!

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Another thing I found while cleaning my office, in addition to the magnetic poetry kit, was a bunch of old business cards. These are from my job at About, which I still have, but the email address on them is no longer valid, and the company hasn’t been part of the New York Times Co. for a long time.

I’m a huge business card hoarder because I feel like I should be able to do something with them rather than just recycle a whole box of cards. Have old business cards lying around? Make something with them!

So while I did throw a bunch in the recycling, I kept a little stack and decided to see if I could make something with old business cards.

This is my challenge for you today. Take one of my ideas or do something completely your own.

Business Card Cubemake a cube out of old business cards

One fun thing I found online that you can do with old business cards is to make a cube. I’ve been dabbling in a little origami lately so I thought this would be fun.

I got the instructions from Ned Batchelder’s site, but you can find the same idea lots of places.

It wasn’t that hard, but it is fiddly. I like the look of it but I think I’d like to make another one with the blank sides out, only draw on them first.

Art from Old Business Cardsdrawing on old business cards

Speaking of drawing on them, the other thing I did was draw on some of them.

Initially I thought of doing a drawing across three cards that could then be displayed together, but instead I decided to do a set of four and make some four seasons trees.

My tree drawing could use some work, but they’re still pretty cute.

Do you hang on to old business cards? I’d love to know if you ever use them for anything. I also use them as bookmarks and to write lists on, but I would never, ever run out if I kept my full supply.

If you make some old business card art, I’d love to see it with the tag #ourdailycraft.

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