Make a Cute Holiday Card in Five Minutes or Less

easy christmas card diy

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I’m a little behind on, well, probably everything this holiday season, but I’m just now starting to pull together gifts for my daughter’s teachers.

I knew I at least wanted to make handmade cards, so I pulled together some really basic and wonderful supplies that allowed me to make these merry cards in less than five minutes each. Make Christmas Cards with tape in five minutes or less

What You’ll Needcard making supplies

  • A2 size blank greeting cards
  • bright colored Sharpies or markers
  • brown or wood grain washi tape
  • Offray Microspool self-adhesive ribbon (one three-yard roll should be enough for three cards)
  • scissors

What You’ll Do merry christmas card diy

  1. Align your card the way you want it and write something at the bottom. I went with “merry.”tree trunk tape christmas card
  2. Cut a small piece of washi tape and place it centered above your writing to be the trunk of your tree. tape tree chirstmas card
  3. Decide how long you want the base of your tree to be, cut the ribbon and stick onto the tree. easy christmas card diy
  4. Making each piece progressively shorter, repeat five times (six strips of tape total; I made mine two stripes shorter on each side each time).merry christmas tree cards
  5. Repeat as needed for the number of cards you need.

This is a great little card for when you forgot you needed a card or just want to send some holiday greetings on a whim. There are lots of these self-adhesive ribbons, but you can also use regular ribbon and secure with glue if you’d rather (or to spare yourself a trip to the craft store).

Do you make your own cards? I’d love to know what you do!

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