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found object valentine person

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The other day I went to Target for the first time in a while, and though I was rather determined to stick to my list, I could not resist all the cute Valentine’s stuff in the dollar spot.

I spent $7 on some plain red cards, paper stickers, felt stickers, puffy stickers, glittery heart shapes, stick-on gems and sticker-backed ribbons. valentine's crafts

I didn’t have anything in particular in mind for the girl to do with them, though I hoped she would use some of the cards to make valentines for her classmates.

Well, she did that and better. Over the weekend she made valentines for her grandparents, her teacher and her classmates (no pics of that because I only had my phone, but this card I made for her) and continued to use the materials in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

valentine cards
A card I made for the girl with some leftover supplies. Hers looked pretty much the same.

Like this.

found object valentine person
The girl’s person made out of Valentine craft supplies and found objects.

I think this happened during “quiet time,” when I was in our bedroom and she was in the living room, probably alone part of the time and part of the time with her dad (I remember him suggesting the pipe cleaners).

She actually used some of the packaging as the body, used gems to draw on a face (I’m pretty sure the puffy heart is a bow in her hair) and used her trusty washi tape to put it all together.

I can’t tell you how much I love this.

Her name is girl, by the way. Her creativity does not extend to naming things yet.

Then Sunday she wanted to paint a heart, so I did the outline for her and she painted the inside and cut it out. Then she embellished it with a sticker. She ended up making another one with marker (because the first one ripped when she tried to glue it to another sheet of paper) and she used it to make a valentine for the sun. She had dad write “Thank you for the fresh air,” and she hung it outside where the sun could see it.

sun valentine
Hanging her sunny valentine.

This kid.

Are you making valentine’s yet? I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

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  1. awwww hahahaha. I love the creative doll she made. My daughter is like that too. It amazes me how she can take ordinary objects and make something out of them. Love the cards. I haven’t even started thinking about Valentines Day yet. I’m in your SITS tribe.

  2. I didn’t expect her to get into the cards so fast, but we’ve now mailed the grandparent cards and the stack of school cards is on her bedside table. She’s a little excited. 😉

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