Found Object Printmaking

Found object printmaking is a quick and easy way to create with whatever you have.

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I have written about making designs with random objects before, but I wanted to do some found object printmaking as part of this challenge because it’s just so fun and easy to do with literally whatever you have lying around. Found object printmaking is a quick and easy way to create with whatever you have.

I went around my office and the playroom for a few minutes and picked up things that looked interesting, and grabbed some of the girl’s paint in a few different colors to test. found objects for printmaking

I started with an empty thread spool on a page of my art journal that I had already painted. This was by far my favorite. printmaking with plastic spool

Then I tried using the pull tab from a paper milk carton on another page. It didn’t go so well, and the paper was really too thin for painting on. painting with pull tab

I did a bunch of other tests on a single sheet of paper, including:

  • a heart-shaped button
  • a small cube-shaped block
  • a bottle cap
  • a glass rock
  • a star-shaped peg from a puzzle
  • a round ring
  • a cotton ballfound object printmaking tests

My favorites were the spool and the star. I could definitely see using these in other projects. Maybe an apron printed with the spools in fabric paint? Or a table runner with stars for the Fourth of July?

I love it when simple projects give me ideas for other things I can do.

If you give this one a try, I’d love to see your results with the hashtag #ourdailycraft.

Do you ever stamp or paint with random objects? How have your experiments turned out?

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