Printmaking with Bubble Wrap

Printmaking with bubble wrap is a fun and easy craft for all ages.

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Apparently there is such a thing as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and according to my friend at Crafty Kids at Home, it’s today! She’s got a great roundup of crafts and activities to do with kids that use bubble wrap, and it coincidentally happens that I have a bubble wrap themed challenge today. Printmaking with bubble wrap is a fun and easy craft for all ages.

Printmaking with Bubble Wrap

I decided last week that I wanted this week to be about printmaking (after all the fun we had painting on fabric) and one of the most basic print making activities you can do, with items pretty much everyone has in their home, is printing with bubble wrap.

This is such a basic, simple, classic art activity that it was the first thing we did in the very first art class the girl ever took, when she was about 18 months old.

It’s a lot of fun to make prints with bubble wrap and there are a lot of variations. bubble wrap print

You can stamp directly onto paper (this is cardstock). double bubble wrap printing

And add another layer of smaller bubbles. heart stamp bubble wrap

You can cut out shapes and print them onto paper. This would be a great one for Valentine’s Day if you have a lot of cards to make!

I stamped directly onto one of my scribble pages from the other day, and I love it.

The card stock will no doubt get cut up some day and used in the art journal, too.

All you need for this activity is bubble wrap, paint and paper, so you have no excuse not to try it. And if you do I’d love to see your results tagged with #ourdailycraft.

Have you ever done printmaking with bubble wrap? I’d love to know what you did!

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