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scribble on a page in a new journal to get over perfection

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Now that we have these great empty books, it’s time to get them from being empty to having something in them as quickly as possible.

I find that when I have nice books, or even books I’ve made or that are made for the purpose of art journaling, it can be difficult to start. The book is too pretty or precious, and you don’t want to mess it up. scribble on a page in a new journal to get over perfection

I hope that making a book from random bits you had lying around will keep you from thinking it’s too precious, but if you do feel that way, this challenge is for you.

And even if you haven’t made a book, you can scribble on anything.

Why Scribble?

Like doodling, scribbling is one of those activities that is just a little bit creative and a little bit mindless. It doesn’t have to be right and it shouldn’t take a lot of time or thought.

Scribbles are just lines of different colors, crossing over each other in different ways. random lines scribble

It can seem like a mess, or like something really cool.

If scribbling is not enough direction for you, try to make a different move with each color you pick up. Straight lines with one, squiggles with another. different color scribble

And please, use crayons for this if you have them in your house.

They’re the perfect tool for scribbling.

And now your book isn’t perfect. It’s even better.

I’d love to see your scribbles on social! Tag them with #ourdailycraft.

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