Make Knitting Needles out of Bamboo Skewers

Make easy, DIY knitting needles out of bambook skewers.

I have more than enough knitting needles as it is, but I always wanted to try to make knitting needles. Back when I was making stuff from hardware store finds, I was going to make some needles out of dowels, but I came up with something even easier when we were cleaning out the garage […]

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Stitch a Burlap Bookmark

This easy stitched burlap bookmark idea is great for kids learning to sew and adults to make as well.

I was sure I had shared this project when I did it with the girl’s class earlier this year, but I can’t find it in my archive, so, because I’m doing it again I thought I would share it this time. Burlap is a great material for new hand-stitchers to work with because it’s pretty […]

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Painting with Fingernail Polish

Paint with fingernail polish to use old polish in a new way

Over Mother’s Day weekend I decided I wanted to paint my toenails, so the girl decided she wanted me to paint her toenails. And her fingernails. And my fingernails, too. I don’t wear fingernail polish very often, because between typing and crafting it never looks good for long. And in this case it was even […]

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Simple Embroidery Project: Drawing on Fabric

Try an easy embroidery project: draw on fabric and embellish it

I needed a simple embroidery project to share with my needle arts classes, so I decide to try drawing on fabric and them stitching and embellishing on top. The inspiration for this idea came from Childhood 101, where she had her daughter draw on burlap and then sew sequins on top. I want to give […]

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