Painting with Fingernail Polish

Paint with fingernail polish to use old polish in a new way

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Over Mother’s Day weekend I decided I wanted to paint my toenails, so the girl decided she wanted me to paint her toenails. And her fingernails. And my fingernails, too.

I don’t wear fingernail polish very often, because between typing and crafting it never looks good for long. And in this case it was even worse. It looked bad as I was doing it because the polish was so old it was clumping on my nails as I painted it. Paint with fingernail polish to use old polish in a new way

So I decided I needed to come up with a fun use for some of that old polish, as well as some kids’ polish that doesn’t work that well. Painting with fingernail polish was the answer.

I already did a little painting with fingernail polish on the washer painting project, but this is a little different because it’s abstract and unplanned.

All I did was gather some fingernail polish and a piece of watercolor paper. You could probably use any kind of paper but I didn’t want it to wrinkle if I got a lot of polish in one spot.

I thought I could just drop the polish from the bottle and have something interesting happen. blue spiral fingernail polishIt worked well with the blue. painting with fingernail polishBut the kids’ polish wouldn’t pour at all. So I used the brush to apply some in dots and streaks.

I poured more from some other bottles.

painting with fingernail polishThe finished project is really interesting and colorful (and smelly; please do this outside!) and doesn’t look like it was made with fingernail polish.

Do you ever craft with old fingernail polish? I’d love to hear about it!

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