Make a Creativity Station

Make a creativity station to keep tools handy where you use them.

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I’ve been trying to keep my desk cleared off more often than not (daily just does not work for me), but part of the problem is that my craft supplies live in my closet, which is across the room from my desk.

It’s literally seven steps away, but it feels like too much of a burden to put things up when I know I’m just going to need them again the next day. Make a creativity station to keep tools handy where you use them.

I think not having our supplies where we need them when we need them is a big hurdle to overcome when you’re trying to be more creative, so it’s worth taking a day to think about the problem and possible solutions.

Step One: Where Do You Create?

I’m a knitter, so of course I create everywhere in the house, not to mention at the girl’s school, outside, in the car if someone else is driving…

But for these challenges I am mostly making at my desk. It’s a great big space, I have room to put my fancy light up for pictures, and I’m right by the computer so I can go back and forth between writing and making through the day (yeah, I know I’m lucky). messy desk creativity

So it makes sense for me to store items I use in my making close to where I do my making.

It makes sense for you, too. Whether you use the kitchen table or create on the couch, see if there’s a way to steal some storage or make yourself a movable creativity station that can hold those things you need most often.

My desk doesn’t have drawers, but I added this standup drawer set a couple of years ago, so I’m taking the top drawer for creative supplies.

Step Two: What Do You Need?messy drawer

The supplies you will need most readily to hand will vary depending on what you’re making. A cross-stitcher might need a magnet board, her floss, needles and threaders and a pair of sharp scissors.

What I’m doing most often at my desk is paper crafting and painting. The paint lives elsewhere and always will, but I can keep other supplies nearby, such as:

  • a small supply of paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick and tacky glue
  • tape
  • pens and pencils
  • cutting board and craft knife

A lot of these things actually do live nearby. I keep a lot of pens and pencils on the desk, but they shouldn’t have to live there. The cutting mat is in my paper organizer. Right now there’s a stack of paper on the floor, which is not a good plan.

That drawer I’m using actually already has scissors in it, that I never use because they’re under other things.

Step Three: How Can I Store Them?

Once you know what you need to keep close and where you have to put it, try to come up with the best way to use your space. pens in pencil box

You might need to find or make some boxes or dividers to keep like things together. I’m using a pencil box for pens and pencils and another for scissors. adhesives box

Paper goes under that and adhesives go in a box, too.

The pencil boxes I bought on clearance at Target at the end of school supply season. One cost 48 cents and the other $1.48. The other box is from the dishwasher pods we use. I didn’t have to go out and buy anything, or even leave the room. clean drawer creativity station

This way I can open the drawer, easily and quickly grab what I need, and even better, put things away without even getting out of my chair.

I hope this helps me to keep my desk in somewhat better order.

If you don’t have a handy drawer, think about using a box or basket as a creativity station that can move with you from the couch to the table to the car if you want.

I’d love to know how you store your most-used crafting supplies. Let me know in the comments or tag me in a picture with #ourdailycraft.

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  1. I’m fortunate to have a (cheap ugly but practical) modular desk for my crafting and a swivel chair on wheels in the open U space. I can easily zip around from the mixed media & paper craft table to the sewing corner to the beading side. But you know what? It’s still usually a mess of projects in process 😉

  2. I hv a set of drawers. the first is for tools,inks, stamps etc.
    the second has embelishments
    the third has papers.
    On top of the drawer in a old rack i hv put scissors in one container, pencils in another,scissors in one tapes in another.
    paper cutters in another and my cutting mat and lovely containers occupy one corner.
    if i am taking supplies for a workshop i hv a little bag which can store the stamps ink pads, pencils cardboard,paper etc.
    knitting supplies are kept separate while a part of my closet also has cloth, papers,cardboard etc in separate bags.
    I am yet to find a practical method to store papers, ribbons etc.
    I am yet to have a proper place for keeping my crafting supplies. paper crafting takes a lot of space as i recently got a lot of supplies as gifts.
    I am a thrifty crafter. Yes I do buy tools etc but i collect cardboard boxes etc to turn into gifts so i hv a whole lot of supplies and my daughter says u are not a crafter but a junk collector.ha ha

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