Drawing Spooky Chibi is Out Now!

I’m so excited to share with you my latest book: Drawing Spooky Chibi! This is my second book authored with Tessa Creative Art and published by Bloom Books for Young Readers. About Drawing Spooky Chibi Much like the last book, Drawing Fantasy Chibi, this one includes instructions for drawing slightly scary, but super cute, creatures […]

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Your Quick Start Guide to Learn Hand Lettering

I’ve always wanted to learn hand lettering, but man I am lazy. Here’s the least you need to know to get started. Hand lettering has been a big trend in decor for a long time now, whether people do the lettering themselves or use a computer font to make something with a hand-lettered look. (I’ve […]

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Colored Aluminum Foil {Craft Challenge, Day 106}

Make colored aluminum foil art; easy and fun.

Earlier this week, husband made individual pot pies in little ramekins. They were adorable, and delicious, and the leftovers resulted in there being a few little pieces of aluminum foil floating around the house after I at some of them for lunch the next day. So of course I had to figure out something to […]

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Draw a Sea Monster {Craft Challenge, Day 97}

Draw a sea monster from the map of your imagination.

I think we need to bring back sea monsters on maps. They’re kind of the perfect way to illustrate uncharted territory, the unknown places that could be really scary or really cool or some of both. Today’s challenge is to draw a sea monster of your own devising. Maybe it’s a manifestation of the uncharted […]

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