Map Your Mind {Craft Challenge, Day 98}

Map your mind to literally see what's on your mind.

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So far this week we have mapped our daily route and somewhere we used to live, and we’ve made the sea monsters to go at the edges of our maps.

Today I want to challenge you to map your mind, which can be as literal or figurative as you like. Map your mind to literally see what's on your mind.

I found a brain shape printable online, though you could also draw your own, or forego the brain shape entirely and do the branching sort of mind map, with you in the center.

I started listing out things that occupy my mind, writing them in different colors and facing different directions. mapping your mind

I started with easy things like writing and making stuff. Journalism because it has been on my mind a lot this week as one of my college professors is retiring.

Knitting, of course. Being a mom/wife/friend/ decent human being.

From there I moved on to things I’m thinking about like trying to keep my house clean, how lovely the weather is, wishing I could take more naps, reading, keeping in touch with friends, deadlines and the to do list. mind map

This is an interesting exercise if you really write down what you spend your time thinking about or what is on your mind this day. It might be fun to try doing this once a month or every six months or so and see how what is on your mind changes and whether you write things in different places, different styles or different sizes.

If you try this I’d love to see inside your brain or hear if anything surprised you about the process.

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