Paint on a Map {Craft Challenge, Day 99}

Paint a map to give yourself a starting point for a project.

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I was cleaning up the girl’s room the other day and happened across this sheet from an atlas that I’d given her last year when we did her dragon egg hunt. She won’t miss it, so I decided to use it as a background for a project. Paint a map to give yourself a starting point for a project.

You can paint on a map or draw or collage on top or whatever you want, of course, but I went with paint because, well, we have a lot of paint and I feel like I haven’t done a painting project in a while (it’s been a whole 10 days, but whatever).

I started out by wandering through the girl’s art area, where I picked up brown paint and this sponge thing, which is supposed to be for washing glasses. use a sponge for painting

I thought its prints might look like footprints across the surface of the map. footprints on map

And they did, at least until I added random orange spots, made with a paintbrush, and green dots made with the plastic pull tab from a milk carton.

I had pulled a little blue paint, too, which I ended up using to paint the water. painted map project

I’m pretty sure this project isn’t done. It could use a little boat in the water, and a sea monster. An X marking hidden treasure, maybe.

This is another one that benefits from not thinking too much, and that gives you the advantage of not starting with a blank page or canvas. You can work with the lines that are already there or completely ignore them as you choose.

Or I could stop thinking of it as a map entirely and collage over it, add stickers, paint with paint pens or draw with markers. It’s a great base that could be used for a lot of different things.

If you try this one I’d love to see and hear how it turned out for you.

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