Torn Paper Collage {Craft Challenge, Day 100}

Make a torn paper collage from project scraps.

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It seems like just about every project, in whatever genre, leaves leftovers, and I’m always reluctant to get rid of those little leftover bits, even when it would be easy to.

For example, I keep a lot of tiny bits of paper left over from other projects even though it’s no problem at all to recycle them. Make a torn paper collage from project scraps.

So that was in part the inspiration for today’s project, using some of those bits in a creative way on something that doesn’t look left over.

The torn paper collage is what I came up with. paper scraps collage

Gather some little bits — or big bits — of paper.

Tear them randomly. paper collage start

Start putting them together in different ways.

Arrange, rearrange, add.

When you like it, glue it down. paper collage building

Don’t think too much. Let it happen as it happens.

One of my pieces actually tore more as I was trying to glue it.

That’s OK. This comes out the way it wants to come out. torn paper collage

You can keep adding to it indefinitely, layering on and on.

Use this as a background for drawing, or just leave it as it is.

This would also be an interesting way to embellish a plain greeting card, or make a big sheet and use it as wrapping paper. Whatever you want to do.

If you try this I’d love to hear about it and see your results. And now that we are at 100 posts, I’d love to know if you’ve completed any of the challenges or what you think of the series so far — almost a third of the way in!

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