Do a Poetry Bombing {Craft Challenge, Day 112}

Do a poetry bombing by leaving poems in public

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Now that we’ve spent a few days enjoying poetry, let’s share some of it with the world through a poetry bombing, which is just a way of saying leaving poems in public places.Do a poetry bombing by leaving poems in public

I was going to do this at my daughter’s school, but then I decided to do it at the public library instead.

Use the poems from your poetry book, write some random verse, add in a few quotes from other poems, whatever you like.poetry bombing supplies

Print or write out your poems, grab some painter’s tape (so as not to damage any surfaces) and head to the place you want to bomb.

Where this becomes a creative endeavor is in not being seen as you do your poetry bombing. Our library is busy, and while there are some places I would have loved to hit, I couldn’t because there were people there.poetry on the wall

So I put poems on walls down random aisles, above a water fountain, on the side of a computer table.

I put one on a window at the back of the nonfiction section.

I put one on the side of the poetry aisle.

It felt illicit, like I was about to get busted at any moment.poem on the window

It was also really fun.

You can do your poetry bombing at work, in a store or wherever you want. Or keep a stack of poems and some tape in your bag and leave them in random places throughout the day.

I made this the challenge for today because it’s Poem in Your Pocket Day, but it’s a great thing to do any day, and any time of year.

I don’t know what happened to my poems, if they got cleaned up immediately or if they’re still hanging out, but it was still a really cool experience and I might just have to do something like that again some day.

If you try this challenge I’d love to see a pic of your poetry bombing! (Tag me on Instagram with #ourdailycraft.)

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  1. One of the pages noticed your handiwork during my shift the other day and came down to the sorting room to tell me all about it with a poem in hand. We have a bulliten board down there with a rotating collection of things found in books, so that poem got moved there. Thought you’d like to know!

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