Make Something for Someone Else {Craft Challenge, Day 101}

Make something for someone else for today's craft challenge

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My main knitting-related job has changed a lot in the past few months, to the point where I’m knitting a lot less for work than I used to be.

I could be knitting for other outlets, selling patterns online, writing books or submitting to magazines, but it’s been really nice this year to mostly be knitting what I want to when I want to instead of whatever I think someone else will be interested in all the time. Make something for someone else for today's craft challenge

It’s more fun to have it be, well, fun again, and less something I have to do for work (which also explains why I’m not working on a book right now).

One of the benefits of working on nothing in particular is that I can follow whims, most of which are started by the girl.

Today she was in my office while I was working on one of the much-less-fun parts of that job, and she found a book in my to-review stack.10 adorable teddy bears to knit

Ten Adorable Teddy Bears to Knit by Rachel Borello is, as the name states, a pattern collection that includes 10 different little bears (teddy bears, polar bears, pandas) and 10 little outfits and accessories. There’s a Christmas bear, for example, with a little toy bear of his own in a tiny stocking. There are sweaters and skirts and pants, a little sleeping bag and backpack, just lots of really cute stuff.

The girl opted for the panda, dressed in a skirt with a simple lace panel (but green instead of pink) and a little sweater (but without the snowflake pattern, and pink instead of red).

So I started knitting.

My hands have been in bad shape lately despite all the not knitting, but I did manage the headpanda head knitting

and the body, which is very much smaller than the head, but I assume it will all work out in the end. panda body knitting

It’s actually kind of cute already, just in pieces. I need to get some eyes before I can finish the face, which also needs its mouth and nose embroidered on and the ears, which are knit and sewn on.

The pieces are knit flat and sewn together, which will make them a little more flexible. And I think the cute factor is worth all the pieces (so. many. pieces.). We’ll see.

Have you made something for someone else lately? If not, is there something you could start on today?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on crafting for others, and, if you’re a knitter, I recommend you check out this book!

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  1. very cute. I love this challenge idea. I made my sister a shawl for Christmas and have a couple more started for some others. I love to knit but don’t have much time lately with 2 little boys to chase around. I started crocheting a bag for someone (?) – don’t know who yet…

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