Getting Out of a Creative Slump: Make Something Easy, with a Twist

toe up sock

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I’m not feeling very creative and what I can do to get through this period of time where I’m not that interested in making things. It’s something we all go through as creative people (if you don’t, you’re probably not stretching yourself enough) so it seems useful to share my thoughts and what I’m trying to do to make myself feel a little better.

For me it has to do with being gentle, working on easy things that stretch me just a little bit but aren’t so wildly creative that they feel beyond me.

This weekend I knit a sock.

OK, it wasn’t a whole sock, that would be crazy, even for me.

But I did knit the whole foot of a sock and am working on the leg portion. toe up sock

It’s a perfectly plain sock, which is the something easy. The twist is that I usually work from the cuff down, and this pair is going from the toes up.

It’s just a slightly different way of thinking. It’s not a huge stretch, but turning the project around makes it seem both a little harder and a little more interesting to knit.

Which explains how I knit so much in just a couple of days.

I like the feeling of being productive, even if a plain sock isn’t actually creative. It’s a way of doing the work without making it seem like work.

I’m enjoying watching the colors line up, and thinking a little bit about how the skills used in a simple sock might be used in a different project, like a top-down hat.

I consider that progress.

Did you have a creative weekend? I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

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