Get Ready for the Holidays with the Holiday Crafts Summit

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I’m so excited to be teaming up with Rebecca Page again to share two classes in their Holiday Crafts Summit, which is still available for purchase.

This summit is full of ideas you can make for the holidays or to give as gifts. There are 44 classes on papercrafts, knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery and more, and projects for home decor as well as things you can give as gifts. My classes fall into the gift giving category.

How to Knit Headbands

The first class I’m teaching is on how to knit headbands and earwarmers. I love this as a holiday gift idea because pretty much anyone can use a knit headband or earwarmer.

They’re super simple and pretty fast to make, and you can make them with any yarn you want, at any gauge you want, with any stitch pattern you want.

I’ll show you three different headbands in the course:

  • one worked flat in seed stitch and seamed with a (super simple but fancy looking!) twist
  • one worked flat in ribbing with a cable turn that makes the twist
  • one worked in the round in stockinette stitch with the same twist at the finish

These earwarmers and headbands are just so fun to knit and a great way to use up yarn leftovers.

Sewing Gifts for Book Lovers

The other class is a sewing class in which I share a couple of easy and incredibly useful gifts for book lovers: a pillow with a pocket to store your book (or notebook, pen, spare bookmarks, Kindle, etc.) and a book weight that you can lay across your book while you’re reading to help hold it open.

This allows you to read hands free, which might not be important to a lot of people but as a person who likes to knit (or crochet) while I’m reading this is an essential tool.

The great news about both of these projects is that, except for maybe the filling for the book weight, you probably have everything you need to make them.

Again you can make the pillow any size, using an old couch pillow like I did, or an extra bed pillow, or using a pillow form you have lying around or that you make for this purpose. I used fleece for my pillow cover because its cozy and I had some to spare, but you can use old T-shirts, old sheets, any fabric you have on hand.

Same with the book weight. I show two examples in the video. One was made from leftover fabric from a napkin sewing spree; the other was part of an old curtain I made many years ago, most of which had already been repurposed for cloth face masks.

Here a heavier weight fabric is nice but quilting cotton works, too. Or, again, old T-shirts, the leg of a pair of leggings your kid tore up, whatever. I love projects like that.

The Holiday Crafts Summit VIP Ticket

Since the free summit is over, you can buy a VIP ticket to the summit, which also gives you access to a couple of bonus classes: a fall-themed embroidery hoop with pumpkins and a spiderweb, a crocheted Christmas gnome wall hanging and a cardboard house-shaped advent calendar (which you could also make into a Halloween countdown calendar if you wanted!).

I hope you’ll join us for the Holiday Crafts Summit! It should be a lot of fun and there are tons of great projects I want to make, too!

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