Spray-Painted Decoration for Spring and Summer

decorate for spring

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It can be hard to know how to decorate for spring once Easter has come and gone. You don’t want to bust out the red, white and blue right away, but how can you bring a little spring inside without keeping out the Easter eggs for an unseemly amount of time?

This little decoration for spring is super easy to put together and can be used in all sorts of ways. If you can’t find a fence-shaped box, a regular wooden box would be cute, too. decorate for spring

What You’ll Needspring decoration supplies

  • wooden box (mine came from the dollar spot at Target)
  • wooden bird or other ornament (mine came from Michael’s long ago)
  • spray paint (I used Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover Satin in Green Apple and Lagoon)
  • wood glue

What You’ll Do

painting wooden pieces
Spray the box one color and the ornament another. Let dry. Apply a second coat if necessary/desired.

Use the wood glue to attach the ornament to the outside of the box. I used a foam brush to apply it, but that’s not necessary. Let dry.shamrock box spring decor

Fill the box in whatever way you like. I’m tempted to fill mine with little balls of yarn, or you could add some votive candles, a bowl of flowers or anything else little and cute for spring. Right now my potted shamrock is sitting in it.

How do you decorate for spring and summer after Easter? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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  1. I love finding things like this in the dollar bin. You did a great job of turning it into something perfect for the season.

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