A Super-Quick Gift for Teachers and Beyond

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I spent a lot of the day yesterday working on gifts for the lovely people at Anna’s preschool. She has done so well the past few months, and they work so hard, so they deserved some good homemade treats.

teacher holiday gifts
Sugar scrub and knit hearts. Yum.

The purple things are my knit hearts, which are kind of a default thank you gift in my household (we’ve used them as thank you gifts at MOPS, so I’ve knit a bunch of them and can knit one in about an hour).

The jars are another “I found it on Pinterest”: it’s called Warm Vanilla Brown Sugar and Coconut Body Scrub. Which actually tells you everything that’s in it. Once you have all the ingredients this will take less than five minutes to make and it’s more than worth every second.

Need another great teacher gift? Check out my foot scrub recipe, complete with a cute printable for end of the year gifting!

What You Need

  • about a cup and a half of brown sugar or raw sugar (I used regular brown)
  • about 6 tablespoons unrefined coconut oil (I used Dr. Bronner’s, because that’s the brand they have at my natural foods store)
  • 20 drops of vanilla essential oil (frankly, you could probably skip this because the coconut oil smell is so strong)
  • air tight jars (mine are food safe glass jars from Hobby Lobby, which cost $2.99)

What You’ll Do

  1. If your coconut oil is solid at room temperature, put it in a glass bowl and microwave on low power for about 10 seconds (or a little longer if you don’t have a hugely high-powered microwave like I do) to get it kind of melty and make it easier to stir. You could do this on the stove, I’m sure, but why?
  2. In another bowl, measure out your brown sugar. It’s not rocket science, is why I say “about” on the measurements above. But I think about a cup and a half filled the container I used (two containers=double batch)
  3. Add in the oil and the oil, if you’re using it. Stir well.
  4. Spoon into jar, making sure you don’t get any on the rim.
  5. Close it up and label it. If you want to, write on the label that it should be used within 6 months, but it probably won’t hang around that long.

A Test Drive

I actually had a little left over (oh, darn!) so I used some in my shower this morning. Oh, so nice. It had hardened up a bit compared to what it looks like in the picture (since the oil resolidified), but you just grab a hunk, maybe wet it down a little and scrub away. The sugar is exfoliating and the oil is moisturizing. You won’t need lotion after, but you might need to wipe down the shower floor, because you’re bathing in oil and it will make surfaces slippery. But it’s totally worth it for how nice your skin will feel.

Now I’m glad I bought extra ingredients so I can make some more for myself!

Check out 8 ways to use essential oils in the home for more ways to help your home be better.

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