Super-Simple Monogram Gift Tags

monogram gift tags

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I guess this is just the way it is when you have kids, but the past month or so has been filled with birthdays. We had three birthdays in as many weeks at the Bit’s school (and there are only seven kids!), as well as a couple of birthdays among her old friends. There are two more birthdays this weekend, with parties taking place at the same time!monogram gift tags

So I thought now would be as good a time as any to share my favorite way to label gifts to little kids. I feel silly giving cards to kids who can’t read, but the parents need to know who gave the gift if they want to send a thank you note.

My solution is a quick little gift tag in the shape of the first letter of the child’s name. It’s a two-minute project that’s cute and fun for kids who are starting to identify their letters.

What You’ll Need

gift tag supplies
You only need a couple of things to make these easy tags.
  • a piece of scrapbook paper or card stock
  • something in the shape of the letter you want to cut out (I use letter cookie cutters, but you could just print out a letter in a huge font from Word, if you wanted)
  • a pen and scissors

What You’ll Do

  1. Trace the letter you want onto the paper. If you’re doing a symmetrical letter (like the A) you can trace it on the back of the paper, but for letters that aren’t reversible (like the G) you have to trace it on the front of the paper. Ask me how I know this. 🙂

    tracing gift tag
    Letters that aren't reversible have to be traced on the front!
  2. Cut the letter out.
  3. Write on your birthday wishes, as well as your child’s name.

    cutout gift tags
    The gift tags are almost ready to go.

You can attach these to a wrapped present or a gift bag just with tape, or punch a small hole in the letter, loop a piece of ribbon through and tie it to the bag. This is such a cute, quick and easy way to label a gift — and good for grownups, too!

How do you personalize gifts? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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