Make a Washer Necklace {Craft Challenge, Day 13}

Make a washer necklace from supplies you already have

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This week’s craft challenges are inspired by some materials I bought at the home improvement store probably more than two years ago, if I’m being honest. It’s fun to rediscover supplies you maybe forgot about or just haven’t used in a long time, because it’s like going shopping in your house. You get new things without having to actually buy anything. Make a washer necklace from supplies you already have

The first thing I pulled out was some flat washers. This one is labeled M16 and it’s a little more than an inch across.

How to Make a Washer Necklace

I bought these because I wanted to make a washer necklace, which is one of those crafts you see on Pinterest all the time because it’s super simple and actually cuter than the sum of its parts.

All you need is:

  • a washer
  • a scrap of scrapbook paper
  • a pencil
  • an X-ACTO knife
  • craft glue or Mod Podge (I used regular to glue the paper down and Sparkle Mod Podge on top)
  • a length of ribbon or cord to make the necklace

Trace the shape of the washer on the back of the scrapbook paper using the pencil. paper cutout washer necklace

Cut out the shape with a craft knife. You could use scissors, too, but the knife is a little more accurate (theoretically, anyway). glued down paper pendant

Cover the top and sides of the washer with Mod Podge, position the paper on top and smooth down the edges. sparkle washer pendant

Let dry and coat with Sparkle Mod Podge, or whatever you have on hand, to seal it. I love the glittery look.

Slip the middle of the cord through the hole in the washer and run the ends through the loop to secure. make a washer necklance

Tie the ends into a knot and you have a super simple but really cute necklace. This is a great one for kids to try, too, and little kids can choose their paper and help glue it down if an adult cuts it out for them.

You could also try doing this with fabric, or glue paper on both sides of the washer for a reversible necklace.

Have you ever made washer necklaces? It’s actually really fun to take something utilitarian and make it pretty. If you try it, I’d love to see your results!

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