Paint the Sky {Craft Challenge, Day 129}

paint the sky like one you have seen outside

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We’ve been having some really great skies lately. Layers of blue upon blue, a bright cobalt in the highest reaches gradually lightening through layers stratified by clouds until the bottom is almost completely white with just a tinge of blue. paint the sky like one you have seen outside

It’s hard to capture in photography, so I decided to paint the sky.

Or at least my version of it.

My page was too small to get all the way down to the white, but I did make a few tints of blue. painting the sky

I used watercolor paper since I knew I was going to be painting the whole thing and started with True Blue from Americana.

I just painted a little and didn’t make it straight or even.

Then I added a little white.

And a little more.

There’s not quite as much contrast between the layers as I might have liked, but I still like it. painted clouds

Once it dried, I put in some clouds.

Fluffy white clouds, and a line of clouds that represents the layers of clouds breaking up the blue in the real sky. paint the sky

It’s not the same as the original, of course, but I really like it.

If you try this challenge, I would love to see what the sky looks like where you are. Tag me with #ourdailycraft if you like!

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