Paper Punch Stencils {Craft Challenge, Day 128}

Make paper punch stencils from leftover paper scraps.

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I mentioned the other day when I did my paper punch collage that I was punching a lot of paper to make a project for the kids in the girl’s class to make for Mother’s Day. I did the craft with them on Thursday, and it was so fun and I have a lot of punched paper left over, but I also have a bunch of pieces of paper with holes punched in them that I wanted to do something with. Make paper punch stencils from leftover paper scraps.

So I decided to make some of them paper punch stencils and see what would happen if I painted over them.

News flash: I still stink at stenciling. paper punch stencil

I have a special talent that prevents me from doing it properly.

I will work on this at some point in the future, but for now, this is what I have.

The circles didn’t come out too bad. making stencils with paper punches

It would probably help if I used a stiffer brush. Or actually taped down the paper while I was painting. Or didn’t randomly paint over the edges of my stencil. paper punch stencils


It still counts as creating even when it doesn’t come out to plan.

Have you ever used paper cutouts as stencils? Have you ever successfully stenciled? I’d love to get your tips and see your projects.

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