Coffee-Stained Paper {Craft Challenge, Day 135}

How to make coffee-stained paper.

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I have a confession to make: I almost never finish a cup of coffee.

I drink some at breakfast, usually make a to-go cup to take when I take the girl to school, drink a little in the car, sometimes have a little while I’m doing chores or other morning things, but then I have my workout or move on to the work of the day and pretty much always abandon my beverage. How to make coffee-stained paper.

I decided I should put some of that left-behind liquid to good use by making some coffee-stained paper.

This was actually really fun and a craft I’m quite well-suited to because I spill coffee a lot.

What You’ll Need

  • old coffee
  • paper — I used some nice, old heavyweight typewriter paper husband brought home from work because someone unearthed it from somewhere (it has a Tyson watermark; very classy)

How to Make Coffee-Stained Paper

Go outside.

Pour coffee on paper. coffee stained paper project


Giggle a little. (Maybe that’s just me.)

Some times I tried pouring and some times I tried dribbling. It didn’t make much difference. drying coffee stained paperAllow to dry. (Yeah, I’m a little impatient, but it’s mostly dry.)drip coffee stain

One page got a lot more coffee on it than the others, so I used that coffee to stain another sheet. It made drips more than splashes, which is a cool, different look.

Uses for Coffee-Stained Paper

This would be fun for all sorts of scrapbooking or paper craft projects. You could paint or draw on top of it (especially if the drips look like a creature or an identifiable shape you can build on).

It would be cool to use in a bookmark for a coffee-loving reader in your life, or to type or write a letter on to immediately make it look old.

How would you use coffee-stained paper? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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