Trying a New Art Material {Craft Challenge, Day 136}

try a new art supply: permapaque pens

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I don’t know where I heard about them, but I recently read something about Permapaque opaque markers that sparked my interest. They’re basically paint pens that are permanent, archival quality and work on tons of surfaces, but they don’t require the shaking and priming that most paint pens do, they’re odor free and they have dual tips, “chisel” and “bullet.”try a new art supply: permapaque pens

So I put them on my Amazon wish list. And husband got me a few for Mother’s Day (he’s a keeper).

So I decided to try them out. flower paint pensI started with an index card and drew a spiral that I wanted to call a flower, but I didn’t make my leaves big enough.

You can tell I had some control issues in the beginning. cardboard doodle permapaqueI moved on to a little scrap of cardboard and some doodling so I could try all the colors. I used both tips in various places and really like the look of them. They were easy to use for fine lines, solids, and drawing on top of other colors. The only part that didn’t work that well was using just the tip of the chisel to make a mark (the green toward the bottom left). permapaque pens review

Then I drew a flower shape, colored it in and added stamens. The light blue doesn’t perfectly cover the cardboard, but it looks good and I probably could have been more diligent when coloring to get a more even coat. It dried quickly enough that the black on top didn’t smudge.

The large areas of blue have a somewhat chalky feel but it doesn’t rub off on your fingers.

I really enjoyed trying a new art material, and the girl loved it, too. She was inspired to make a drawing for each of the kids in her class (all 16, plus the teacher). I think we’ll both be getting a lot of use out of these.

Have you tried a new art material lately or is there something in your stash you’ve been hankering to try? I’d love to hear about it and I hope you’re not saving supplies for a special project that will never come. Use the good stuff now!

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