Make Something Again {Craft Challenge, Day 117}

Make something again that you enjoyed doing before.

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Sometimes it’s fun to make something again that you have already made before. You can see the project in a different way than you might have the first time around, perhaps coming up with different methods or alternatives than you used before. Make something again that you enjoyed doing before.

Or maybe you do it exactly the same way because you enjoyed it so much the first time.

There are people who knit the same patterns over and over again because they love them so much. I knit one pattern for fingerless gloves four times in a season and about lost my mind, even though I did love the pattern. I’m not much of a do the same thing twice kind of person.

But I really love homemade napkins. They are so cute and lovely to use. I loved being able to set the table with handmade placemats and napkins the other day, and it just makes me smile to use things that I’ve made. fabric napkin prep

So while I was going through fabric for some more things to use on my quilt project, I decided to use a couple of fabrics that were already in the quilt and make a few more napkins.

I ended up doing two exactly in the way I did the originals linked above, except for no measuring, I just cut the fabric in half and they are the size they are.

I wanted to make at least three, because there are three of us, but the next piece of fabric I came to was a little smaller and I didn’t think I could get two napkins of useful size out of it. So instead I saved a little on the seam allowance by just folding the fabric in half and making a napkin in the same style as the placemats. finished cloth napkins

I kind of like the contrasting stitching, but you can make yours blend in if you’d rather.

It’s always gratifying to add to the napkin stack, and it was kind of fun to revisit a project I’d made before. I’d love to do it regularly so we have more new napkins going in for the ones I am turning into rags all the time, but I probably need to make some bigger ones, too, because these are a lot smaller than the store-bought ones we use.

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