Make Bulky Yarn Out of Yarn {Iron Craft Challenge}

How to make bulky-weight yarn using a spool knitter.

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This week’s Iron Craft challenge was supposed to be something unexpected. As expected, I had trouble coming up with something.

But I’d had this idea that I wanted to make a bulky yarn to use in my classes this summer for demonstration purposes, so I decided to take this opportunity to do it. How to make bulky-weight yarn using a spool knitter.

I don’t know if it’s unexpected to make bulky yarn out of yarn, but it was the best I could do this week!

How to Make Bulky Yarn Out of Yarn

I started out trying to use a mechanical I-cord maker, but there are two problems with this. First, you can only use light worsted weight yarn or lighter with it, so the yarn you get out of it is not really all that thick.

Second, I broke it.

So I decided instead to make worsted weight yarn into bulky yarn with the help of a spool knitter. They’re super simple to make and you can get a surprising lot of bulky yarn out of a single ball of worsted. spool knitting to make yarn

I’m working with Lion Brand Yarns Homeland, color Olympia.

I didn’t take a starting picture, but to get going all you do is thread the yarn down through the middle of your spool and wrap the yarn all the way around each peg, going counter-clockwise.

Wrap them in the same manner again so there are two loops on each peg.

Lift the yarn from the bottom up over the top loop and over the top of the peg. You can use your fingers or a crochet hook.

Repeat around, then load up the second loops again and repeat until you run out of yarn.

Using Bulky Yarn Made Out of Yarnbulky spool knit yarn swatch

I made a quick swatch using size 13 US knitting needles, and it’s really dense. I would suggest size 15 or 19 instead.

This would be great yarn to use for a quick scarf or even a blanket, and will run through your stash in no time. I think a knit basket — to store yarn, of course — would be a great idea, too. make bulky yarn out of yarn

It’s even extra fun fiber time because you get to work with the yarn twice, once as you are making the yarn and again as you knit with it.

It’s actually not that hard to knit with, but you do need to pay a bit of attention so you don’t split it.

What would you do with this giant yarn? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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