Quick and Easy Storage Pouches {Iron Craft Challenge}

clean drawer

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The Iron Craft challenge for this week had to do with organizing a space and/or making something to help you organize a space. I knew immediately I needed to tackle my needle drawer; you can see why.messy needle drawer

This is the top drawer of a filing cabinet, and what it looks like spread out all over my desk.

I’m the worst about not putting my needles back where they belong. I had a pencil box I put dpns in (even though I made a needle case a long time ago). Circulars would end up in a bigger box, or just thrown in the drawer. And I never put interchangeable needles back in their cases.

The result: I never knew what I had or where it was.

So I cleared the whole drawer out and organized by type: dpns, circulars, straight needles, crochet hooks and supplies, other knitting tools and accessories.

Then I went through all the dpns and arranged them by size in the needle roll.

Then I sized fixed circulars and divided them into individual bags for each size. And then I tackled the interchangeables, putting them back in their cases.

The crafty bit is that I’m making cloth pouches to put the circulars in. They’re the simplest thing ever and you can make one in about five minutes if you have some fabric handy. making needle pouch

I cut mine to 5.5 inches wide and left the length the size the my scrap was, which was about 18 inches.

Fold in half with right sides together, sew the side seams. Fold down a bit at the top and sew down that seam as well.

You could zig-zag or cut the edges with pinking shears if you want, but I didn’t worry about it. pouches with numbers

I cut out number shapes from felt and used fabric glue to attach them to the front of the pouches so I’ll know what size needle is inside.

So far I only have a few of these done, but it’s such a quick project I can knock out in no time.

clean drawer

It happens that I bought this box on clearance at Target for about $4 a couple of weeks ago. It’s meant to be a CD box but works perfect for some of my needles.

The drawer is still not perfect, but at least I can see what’s in there and I know where to look. Now I just have to get in the habit of putting needles away when I use them!

These little pouches would be perfect for pencils, little bits of scrapbook paper and all sorts of other little things.

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  1. Good work. My needles were all over the place too & then the problem is you keep buying more because you can’t find them!

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