Kids Learn to Stitch Helps Kids Start Sewing

encourage kids to learn how to sew with kids learn to stitch

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Help your kids learn to stitch with this fun book made just for them.

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Because I already know how to sew and do embroidery, I haven’t really used any books to teach the girl how to sew, but Kids Learn to Stitch by Lucinda Guy and Francois Hall is a great guide to the basics if you don’t know how to stitch yourself or just need a refresher on the basics. encourage kids to learn how to sew with kids learn to stitch

It’s an instructional book written and illustrated like a kid’s picture book, so it will keep kids entertained as they learn the basic tools and stitches involved in hand sewing and make a bunch of cute, kid-friendly projects.

Simple Stitches

The book starts by teaching kids about needles, thread and fabric, then dives into different stitches they can use to join fabric and embellish their projects. It covers:

  • running stitch and seed stitch
  • cross stitch
  • star stitch
  • fly stitch
  • chain stitch
  • feather stitch
  • blanket stitch

It helps kids learn to stitch with simple step-by-step drawings of the stitches and fun projects that will help them practice.

The Patterns

The book includes six projects for kids to try:

  • Big Bad Bug
  • Needle Holder Nell (she’s a cat)
  • Pincushion Percy (a mouse)
  • Did the Dog
  • Bill the Bird
  • Hothead Helga (the dragon pictured on the cover)

Templates for all the designs are included, and they’re all made with felt for ease of stitching.
kids learn to stitch
The projects are all shown in several versions so kids won’t feel like they have to try to make theirs just the same as the model, and they allow you to use what you have in terms of colors and findings for embellishing your creatures.

The book also offers tips for sewing seams, stuffing projects and adding embellishments, which not only helps kids learn to stitch with confidence but will give them the skills they need to develop their own projects.

These designs — and the book itself — are really cute, and I know the girl will love trying them out and maybe learning some more skills beyond the basics she already knows. And I really want to make one of those dragons; so cute!

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