DIY Felt Taco Ornament

This whimsical DIY felt taco ornament is so fun to make and, for me, at least, it has a funny story attached. One of my many jobs involves lots of communication via Slack, and we use an app that allows you to send people virtual tacos to thank them for their help with something or […]

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Make a Dinosaur Softie Inspired by Dino Dana

dinosaur softie dino dana

How to make a dinosaur softie inspired by the Amazon show Dino Dana. Affiliate links are included for your convenience. Inspired by the girl’s Titanoboa softie, I wanted to make my own dinosaur softie inspired by Dino Dana. What is Dino Dana? If you don’t know Dino Dana yet, allow me to introduce you. The […]

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How to Make a Felt Origami Valentine Bag

Make a felt origami Valentine bag or decoration.

I guess I should call this faux origmai (fauxgami?), because this felt origami Valentine bag/decoration isn’t really origami. There is folding involved, but also cutting to make the heart shape, which is pretty much frowned on in real origami. Plus it’s felt, not paper. This design was inspired by the heart shaped corner bookmark from […]

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