How to Make a Felt Origami Valentine Bag

Make a felt origami Valentine bag or decoration.

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I guess I should call this faux origmai (fauxgami?), because this felt origami Valentine bag/decoration isn’t really origami. There is folding involved, but also cutting to make the heart shape, which is pretty much frowned on in real origami.

Plus it’s felt, not paper.

This design was inspired by the heart shaped corner bookmark from Easy Peasy and Fun. I made one the other day and it got me thinking about how cute this would be as a little bag. Bonus: all you need is a piece of felt, a pair of scissors, and a minute or two of time. Make a felt origami Valentine bag or decoration.

How to Make a Felt Origami Valentine

A standard-size sheet of felt is rectangular, like a piece of paper. To make this project it needs to be square, so start by folding the felt up from one corner so that you have a triangle shape on one side and a little rectangle on the other. Trim off the rectangle and what’s left is a square. Make a felt origami Valentine bag or decoration.

Keep the square folded in a triangle shape (I unfolded mine so you could see the square), and bring the top tip of one layer of the triangle down to touch the bottom of the triangle, as shown. Make a felt origami Valentine bag or decoration.

Take one of the other tips and tuck it into the little pocket made by the fold you just made. Repeat on the other side.

Cut the top edge so that it looks like the top of a heart.

Fill with Valentine’s goodies. Make a felt origami Valentine bag or decoration.

This would be super cute for a little gift for your kids, filled with stickers, themed pencils and other cute stuff, or even just to hold your family valentines. Or hang it somewhere in the house and have everyone spend the next couple of weeks writing down things they love about each other, to be shared on Valentine’s Day.

The felt origami valentine is pretty sturdy just as it is, but if you want it to be a little more secure, put some fabric glue on the triangle tips when you tuck them inside. That will hold it together better. (I ended up gluing mine because I didn’t want it to come apart while the girl played with it.)

What would you put in your little origami valentine bag? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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