A Late Post about Christmas Crafting

felt christmas tree

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Thanks to the fact that the Bit is home and has been sick and I’m only working during naps on non-holiday days, things have gotten pretty quiet around here. Which is how it should be this time of year, I imagine.

I’m busy doing a lot of reflecting and thinking about the year to come, and I hope you are, too. If you need one more Christmas craft for your kids to file away for next year, I want to heartily recommend making them a felt Christmas tree.

This is a really easy craft that the Bit got into a lot more — and in a different way — than I thought she would.

I put this up a few days before Christmas, and had started working on ornaments for her to play with while she was napping.

decorating felt tree
The Bit adds stickers to her felt Christmas tree.

She enthusiastically installed the ornaments that were done (we’ll call them done, anyway, though I wanted to embellish them more and will definitely do that for next year) and then wanted to make it even prettier by adding a bunch of stickers we’d had out for a play date (which I’ll tell you more about soon).

embellished felt ornaments
A few of the ornaments that did get some embellishment include a box with ribbon glued on, a flower with a different colored center and a ball with glitter glue lines.

Once the stickers were all applied, she got some of the felt and cut it to pieces that she added to the tree, too.

felt christmas tree
The felt tree in all its messy glory.

It looks nothing like the ones you see on Pinterest. Which is totally fine by me.

The other funny thing about it was, though, that after she played with it that one afternoon she never touched it again. I don’t know if she didn’t realize she could rearrange the ornaments, or if like the real tree she figured it was done once it was up.

Next year I’ll try to get it up earlier and get her to play with it more than once.

In the meantime, I think she’d really love a felt board if I can make a place for one.

Do your kids love to play with felt? I’d love to hear what you do!

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