It’s a Tiger! {The Reading List}

its a tiger david larochelle

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In this house, we read a lot of books. Some of them you might not have heard of. Your kids might like them, too. Or not. In this occasional series I’ll share our current favorites, and maybe occasionally ones that we didn’t love so much.

I accidentally opened a box that had some Christmas presents in it near the Bit the other day, and she asked me what was in it and I told her (this whole not lying to the child thing occasionally has its disadvantages).

its a tiger david larochelleIt was a box of books from one of my favorite publishers of all time, Chronicle Books. I will buy pretty much anything from Chronicle if it looks cute and it all looks cute. They have wonderful books on popular culture, art, craft, design, and all sorts of amazing children’s books. I’ve never been disappointed in one of their books. If Chronicle knew of my obsession with it, it would probably be a bit freaked out.

So I picked out two new books for the Bit from them: Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner, which we are saving for Christmas, and the one I pulled out of the box when she asked if we could read “the Christmas book,” It’s a Tiger! by David LaRochelle (illustrated by Jeremy Tankard).

The Bit’s Review

This book is rated for kids ages 5 to 8, but the Bit loves it. Loves. It. We read it seven times that first night it was out of the box, and I’m not even exaggerating. We rarely get to read it only once a day.

It begins with a child telling a story that starts in the jungle “where the tall trees grow and the monkeys swing from vine to vine.” But something is wrong in this jungle. That tail hanging from that tree over there looks like a tiger!

As the child runs away the tiger reappears at every turn: in a cave, among the snakes, on the other side of a canyon and so on.

My Review

It’s a really silly, cute story and a quick read (thank goodness!) that animal loving kids are sure to enjoy.

I love the illustrations in this book, which add an extra layer of color and silliness to the story. its a tiger

In case you can’t read the words on this tiny version of the page, it says

Yikes! He’s gaining on us!

Our only hope is to leap for that rope…

…and swing across this canyon.



We made it!

Good thing we landed someplace soft.

A bed of flowers?

A pile of dry leaves?

A giant orange-and-black pillow?

No, we landed on top of…

(Spoiler alert: it’s a tiger.)

The book even has a cute little activity guide (PDF) you can print out to make a tiger puppet, do a word search, color a tiger to take on your adventures and more.

Read any good kids’ books lately? I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. This sounds like a fun book! We will need to check it out. Our favorite right now is “The Great Fuzz Frenzy” by Janet Stevens. It has a great story that is fun to read aloud.

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