Easy Easter Basket Ideas for Crafty Kids

easter basket ideas for crafty kids

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Spread Easter cheer for your crafty kid with these Easter basket ideas.

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It’s great to use holidays to encourage creativity in your kids, and anything that fills up the basket without being candy can only be a good thing, so I thought I would share some easy Easter basket ideas for the crafty and art-inclined kids in your life. easter basket ideas for crafty kids

If your child is particularly interested in a certain kind of art, such as drawing, painting or working with clay, or if they have a current obsession you can speak to with your crafty supplies (space, dinosaurs, dance, etc.) or develop a project around, those are great places to start.

There are a lot of small, fun, artsy items you can buy without spending too much money that will entertain and enrich your child (and you) on Easter and beyond.

Here are some crafty Easter basket ideas to get you started:

I loaded up my sample basket with all sorts of great stuff, including metallic colored pencils, a wooden butterfly picture frame, notebooks, stickers and fabric paint. Most of this stuff was already in my stash or procured at my regular Target run.

You could also hit the dollar store if you don’t have a massive supply stash like I do.

Pick a few of these items that you think your child will really like, pile them up in a basket or bucket filled with Easter grass, shredded tissue paper or some other basket filler, yes, add in some candy, and you’re good to go.

What sorts of non-candy Easter basket ideas do you have? I’d love to hear about them!


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