Loving Where You Are


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One day last week, the Bit was having a rough morning. I don’t even remember what was going on; bad mornings tend to all look the same from a distance even though the details are slightly different from day to day.

It’s likely we were rushing around, she didn’t want to get dressed or put on sunscreen, and I was trying to get her out the door as quickly as possible. She might have wanted to read another book or do a craft before we left the house, but there wasn’t time. Harsh words may have been said.

What I do remember is that she was sad. Not to the level of crying, maybe, but not her normal cheerful going-to-school self.

Until we turned the corner when we were almost to school and she saw this.

Part of the field we drive by most mornings.

She smiled and said “I love this field.”

And then she was fine.

It might have also helped that “Riders on the Storm” was just starting to play, so it sounded like it was raining.

But mostly it was the field.

These pictures are not from that day, but we usually see cows there and sometimes geese and other animals. cows

geeseIt’s still unreasonably green this year because this has been an August the likes of which no one in Arkansas has ever seen, unless they saw it somewhere else.

It is a pretty field. And a pretty good lesson in mindfulness from an almost-4-year-old.

Remember to love the little things in your life.

Love your situation despite the imperfections.

Love your family, even when, especially when, they drive you crazy.

Love where you are, even when it’s hard. Some day you’ll miss the wild, full of energy, amazingly smart, funny kid in front of you and wonder why you spent so much time focusing on the tantrums, messes (and, oh, have there been some spectacular messes lately) and disagreements.

Love where you are.

How do you remember to be mindful of what’s going on around you? I’d love to hear your tips.

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