10 Things to Love About Arkansas

ozark mountains

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Have I told you about my Arkansas blogger crush Kyran Pittman? She’s a transplant to Arkansas from Canada, a mom of three boys and a woman with great insight into parenting and life. She also happens to be Miss August over at Arkansas Women Bloggers, and she issued us a challenge to list a particular 10 things we like about Arkansas. I have answers for most of them so I thought I’d share, too.

ozark mountains
Just on the south side of the tunnel, one of my favorite views on 540. (From a gloomy day last December.)

Favorite stretch of road in Arkansas: I love Arkansas 23, which I wrote about in my Yarn Harlot post, but I also love I-540, going south, right outside of the tunnel.
Favorite time of year in Arkansas: Fall can’t be beat.
Favorite place to eat fancy in Arkansas: About as fancy as we get is Bordino’s in Fayetteville. I used to like Mermaid’s, but there’s nothing on the menu a semi-vegetarian who can’t eat cream can eat.
Favorite place to eat casual in Arkansas: Greenhouse Grille in Fayetteville, though Local Flavor in Eureka Springs is excellent, as well.
Favorite place to get away in Arkansas: Eureka Springs, because it’s close enough we can go for a weekend but still feel like we’ve gotten away.
Favorite place to walk in Arkansas: Devil’s Den or Withrow Springs Park.
Favorite thing that grows in Arkansas: Tomatoes, honeysuckle, the roses in my backyard.
Favorite place to swim in Arkansas: Well, I can’t swim and neither can the girl, so our backyard wading pool does it for now.
Favorite colorful expression or place name in Arkansas: Oh there are so many fun place names. I do like that there’s a Hurricane Grove in the middle of Arkansas, as if there are ever hurricanes there. And of course Toad Suck. And that the name of “Y” City includes the quote marks.
Favorite fair or festival in Arkansas: It seems like I haven’t gotten out to any in a long time, but I used to always love Springfest (which had to be rescheduled this year because of snow in May) as sort of the opening of the street fair season. I’m sure I’d love Block Street Block Party if I ever made it out. See, I’m a hermit.

What do you love about where you live? Feel free to steal these questions for your blog or give me your answers in the comments. Just another way to love where you are.

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