Finishing Felt Letters {Iron Craft Challenge}

felt board letters

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It’s funny that the Iron Craft challenge for this week was about finishing something, since I’m finishing up a year of my life this week! I’ve been thinking a lot about the unfinished projects that are all over my life — and there are LOTS of them — and trying to make progress on some of them.

But this is also a super crazy time of year so making progress is happening, a little, but not a whole lot of actual finishing.

I was going to finish a knit dress I started probably literally years ago by now that only needed a bit of crochet and some sewing. I did the crochet bit, but I can’t find my length of satin ribbon that’s supposed to go in the hem (to make it hang better and, you know, for pretty’s sake) so that finishing will have to wait for another day.felt board letters

But on Sunday the Bit and I spent the evening in her playroom working on projects and I was reminded about the felt board I made for her, and how I was going to make felt letters and I only got through D because my scissors were trying to kill me. I since got some new scissors and thought I would try again.

So that evening I got all the letters traced onto the felt and started cutting them out. I finished them up yesterday, and while there was still some soreness from repetitive motion, I didn’t get a blister or anything, which is huge.

felt letters
A big stack of felt letters.

The scissors I have now are Fiskars Easy Action Shears (not an affiliate link, I just like them) and they’re so much easier to use. You just have to squeeze and release to get them to cut, which is a lot less effort than my old pair required.scissors
Tools that work make me happy.

What have you been finishing up lately? I’d love to know what you’re up to.

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