A Big, Green Felt Board {Iron Craft ’13 Challenge}

felt board tree

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The prompt for this week’s Iron Craft was green, meaning either the color green or somehow recycling/reusing something. I knew just what I wanted to do. I have a big piece of green felt leftover from the Bit’s felt Christmas tree that I wanted to make into a felt board.

It happened that the felt was just about the perfect size to cover a 20×30 inch piece of foam board I had, so the actual construction of the board was quick and easy.

making felt board
Action shot!

(Let me spell it out for you anyway: cut felt to size if needed, fold around to back and staple down. On the long ends it’s just barely wide enough, so I really need to glue some of it down because it’s hard to staple into the edge of the foam.)

There will never be an end to making things to use on it, I fear.

Good Thing There’s Only 26 Letters

My first thought was that I really wanted to do an alphabet. But you can’t have just one of each letter — you couldn’t even spell her name that way. So I figured I’m make two of each.

Someday I hope to have lower-case letters, too, but cutting out felt letters is so tiresome it will be a while. I’ve made it all the way through D so far!

felt board alphabet
The Bit just played with my paper cutouts instead of felt letters.

For the letter templates I used 500 point Arial Bold, which is a pretty simple (ie, easy to cut out) font. Just print them out, cut them out, trace them on the felt and cut out. Again and again and again.

Trees and Things

The other thing I knew I wanted to do — which also ties into the green theme — was a tree. I sort of used the template from a quiet book made by Homemade by Jill, but I mangled it so much you can’t really tell.felt board tree

I cut out leaves in dark green and a couple in yellow, and eventually will have a variety of colors for the different seasons and for whimsy.

In the future I’ll cut out little people, because she already has felt clothes from a laundry-related busy bag.

I’m sure there will be other things, too, like buildings, vehicles, maybe even a sky and some clouds at some point.

But man, cutting out felt gets old fast!

Consider this a work perpetually in progress.

Do you have a felt board? What do your kids like to play with on it? I’d love your ideas.

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