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When I decided at the beginning of the month to focus more on my own — and your — creativity, I made myself two promises. The first was that I would do morning pages every day, and so far I’ve kept up with that, though they have occasionally been evening pages.

The second was to take more pictures, specifically pictures of things that inspire or interest me that I might not otherwise be taking pictures of.

My intention was to do this every day, but I have missed one or two, and I’m OK with that. The point is more about being observant than it is giving myself another things to do every day.

So many of us — even those of us who would call ourselves creative — go through life without really paying attention. We drive the same way to the same places every day and don’t take in our surroundings. We don’t see changes, large or small.

This intention is really a challenge to look, to notice, to take it all in, to see the small changes, to pause and to take note of what makes me pause.

What have you been seeing lately?

imagesFrom top: The Bit’s drawing of a bear; bracelets made from broken pottery; probably the only daffodil that will grow in our yard this year; a fresh rosemary plant; the rock pile the Bit and I made in the backyard; peacock pig; a message in tile at Wilson Park.

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